Milgard® Houston Replacement Windows by Houston Window Experts


Without question, replacement windows are rated as one of the highest priority home improvements you can make. Your return on investment (ROI) comes from:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • High Resale Value
  • Greater Comfort

Houston Window Experts Recommended Milgard® Windows and Doors

Houston Window Experts has a stellar reputation for advising customers on the right windows and doors to suit specific needs and budgets. Because Houston Window Experts wants its customers to invest their hard-earned money in the best quality windows and doors available, owners Jeff and Joshua Ludy recommend Milgard Windows and Doors. There are six key reasons why Houston Window Experts consistently recommends Milgard Windows and Doors when customers ask about the best solution for upgrading their homes.

Superior Milgard® Style

Homeowners want their homes to be a personal reflection of their style and good taste. Milgard Windows and Doors offer style guaranteed to match or compliment any home’s existing architectural style. From its popular Style Line series to its beautiful Tuscany Series, Milgard Windows and Doors display the slim profiles, sleek sight lines and graceful frame shapes that make any home even more beautiful.

Milgard® Quality and Innovation

Milgard products are the most often requested doors and windows installed by Houston Window Experts because they are manufactured with quality in every detail. The Houston climate can prove to be hard on windows and doors, but Milgard products are created using the latest innovations in door and window technology. This means that Milgard Windows and Doors use only the finest fiberglass and vinyl frame materials to ensure durability and long-lasting comfort.

Milgard® Community Involvement

Houston Window Experts takes pride in being among the more than 3000 dealerships partnering with Milgard Windows and Doors across the U.S. Customers who purchase Milgard Windows and Doors from Houston Window Experts are buying high quality products, with every transaction benefiting the local economy. Milgard Windows and Doors come from a manufacturer who demonstrates community involvement and volunteerism on a daily basis right here in the Houston market.

Milgard® Sustainability

Being eco-friendly isn’t just a slogan for Milgard Windows and Doors but a reality backed by a manufacturing process that minimizes waste and takes sustainability seriously. Milgard window frames contain 97% recycled vinyl. Its Vinyl windows feature as much as 15% manufacturer recycled content and Fiberglass windows an average of 25% post-consumer recycled content. Homeowners can take pride in their new Milgard Windows and Doors as a viable way of reducing their carbon footprint on the planet.

The Reliable Milgard® Warranty

Houston Window Experts knows that for most homeowners, replacement windows and doors represent a major investment. So all Milgard Windows and Doors are backed by a Full Lifetime Warranty that is considered an industry leader. If customers encounter a warranty issue, they have peace of mind knowing that Houston Window Experts can handle the problem locally.

Customer Satisfaction

Thousands of Houston area homeowners have given Milgard Windows and Doors an excellent rating, based on quality, features, appearance, ease of use and value for the price.

Available Window and Door options are:

  • Wood Windows and Doors
  • Fiberglass Windows and Doors
  • Aluminum Windows and Doors
  • Vinyl Windows and Doors

Available Replacement Window and Door Styles

When you replace your windows in your home, you don’t necessarily have to select the same style as the original windows or doors. You also do not have to select the same style throughout your home. With Milgard®, you can mix and match to create the individual look and feel you want to make your house your home.

Houston Window Experts - Milgard

HOUSTON WINDOWS has done the research and has the experience to recommend new window assemblies that not only enhance the beauty of your home, but also increase energy efficiency. Your Houston windows choice should reduce the solar radiation that penetrates, while allowing the natural light to come in.

Great Windows PLUS AAMA Certifed MasterInstallers!


Houston Window Experts is proud to be one of the few replacement window installation companies in Houston certified as Installation Masters by the AAMA.

From Our Family to Yours

Houston Window Experts is a family operated business run by the father and son team of Jeff and Joshua Ludy. The relationships the Ludys build with their customers is for the long-haul and based on the mutual values of integrity, honesty, and doing the job right, as promised, and at a fair price.

The Ludys have more than a dozen years experience in the home improvement industry. They treat every project the way they want their own family to be treated, with respect, professionalism, high-grade workmanship and meeting all deadlines.